Crescent Electric—Training

Crescent Electric supports employee growth and professional development with on-going training programs in virtually all areas of the company. A minimum of 3% of our payroll each year is invested in employee training.

At Crescent, the learning never stops. All employees can take advantage of a variety of learning opportunities to enhance their skills:

  • Lunch and Learns
  • Webinars
  • Online interactive modules
  • Instructor led classroom training
  • DVDs
  • Audio books

All new employees begin with a full orientation in Crescent Electric operating procedures. Product training is available from manufacturers, as well as from the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED).

For employees who desire to move to other jobs within the organization, training is linked to succession planning. As part of the annual appraisal process, managers work with employees to develop specific training and development plans.

For those in sales positions, we offer specific Crescent sales training classes and National Sales Conferences.

For those assuming management positions, Crescent has developed a specialized series of Management Skills classes which are taught at the Corporate Office. Experienced managers may also choose to attend seminars presented by the American Management Association.

What people say about Crescent Training:

“I have been in distribution for 25 years and this by far was the most organized/educational event I have ever attended.”

— New Managers Orientation Training

“The interaction was positive and motivating.”

“It was well run and very informative.”

“Loved the learning experience.”

“I found the training very informative/helpful for my everyday interactions with both customers and co-workers. There were loads of practical suggestions that I’ll be able to use at the office.”

— Crescent Customer Service Class

“For me, as a newer employee, I learned a great deal about the quality of Crescent and the people who run the company.”

“I enjoyed meeting other account managers and learning how things are done at their branches. I also liked training on new products and how older ones have been improved.”

— National Sales Conference