Crescent Electric Freight Claims


If you are having a problem with a claim and need assistance, please feel free to contact Crescent's Traffic Department at the East Dubuque Corporate Office:

Crescent Electric Supply Company
Attn: Jean Lange
P.O. Box 500
East Dubuque, IL 61025-4420
Phone: 815-747-3145
Fax: 815-747-7720


It is the consignee's (customer) responsibility to identify and document the damage or shortage at the time of delivery. Once the shipment arrives, before signing the delivery receipt, ensure that the correct item and quantity has been received and that the shipment is free of damage. Without noting the damage/shortage on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery, the customer is agreeing with the carrier that the shipment has been received in full and without damage.


Each carrier has a process for claim submission and procedures for accepting and making payment for the claim.

Listed below are some necessary steps when filing a freight claim.
  • 1. If damage or shortage is noticed at the time of delivery, notation of such must be made on the delivery receipt, with the driver still present. Record an exact, detailed description of the damage on the delivery receipt. A vague notation such as "subject to inspection" or "possible damage" makes it much more difficult to obtain settlement.Ensure that the notation is also on the carrier's copy. Keep a copy of the delivery receipt for your records. If such notation is not made, the chances of receiving claim payment is greatly lessened.
  • 2. Provided that specific notation has been made on the delivery receipt of any damage or shortage, the next step is to contact the carrier to obtain a claim form. Forms can also be obtained on carrier's individual website. The carrier can provide assistance with the claims process if needed. Visible damage/shortage freight claims must be submitted to the carrier within 9 months.
  • 3. If the damage was concealed and not noted at the time of delivery, the carrier must be notified within 48 hours of the damage per federal guidelines. If the concealed damage/shortage is not reported to the carrier within 48 hours of the time of delivery, a claim denial should be expected by the carrier. The claim must be submitted to the carrier within 15 days or a claim denial should also be expected
  • 4. The freight company, more than likely, will ask you for the following information:
       - A copy of the delivery receipt with the exception noted
       - Copy of original invoice
       - Claim form, in writing, of dollar amount claimed

       Other Helpful Supporting Documents Include:
         - Pictures of damage
         - Repair Invoice
         - Any email documentation that supports the claim. Can be either from the vendor or carrier.
  • 5. Salvage must be retained until the claim is resolved, or until the claimant is given disposition by the carrier. If the carrier requests the salvage and the customer has discarded of it, the carrier has the right to deny the claim.
  • 6. The carrier will acknowledge the claim in writing within 30 days and assign a number which identifies the shipment. The carrier will pay, refuse payment or make a firm compromise within 120 days after receipt of claim. In all cases make sure the carrier involved with the claim acknowledges receipt of the claim.