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GE Fanuc IC695PNC001 PROFINET Controller (PNC) Module; 128 KB

  • Ge Automation And Controls IC695PNC001 GE Fanuc IC695PNC001 PROFINET Controller (PNC) Module; 128 KB
  • GE Fanuc IC695PNC001 PROFINET Controller (PNC) Module; 128 KB
Manufacturer: Ge Automation And Controls
Catalog#: IC695PNC001
Crescent Part#: 97376
UPC: 004810000007
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Product Details

Master entity

I/O device update rate - 1 - 512 ms configurable

System maximum limits - Up to 4 PNC001 per CPU IO- Devices per I/O Controller - 64 IO-Devices per Network - 128 per network, across up to 8 I/O controllers IO-Devices per CPU - 128 across 4 Profinet controllers Profinet Slots per device - 256 Number of Profinet Subslots per slot - 256 Number of Profinet Submodules per CPU - 2048

Product Details:

Detailed Description: GE Fanuc PROFINET Controller (PNC) module features high-speed PCI, universal backplane for fast throughput. It features 128 kilo-bytes memory for added storage It can occupy one backplane slot and supports 64 drops/256 subslots. It alters the RX3i controller to communicate with IO-devices on the LAN for efficient operation. It has two RJ-45, SFP Cages and one MAC address communication ports. Module has 100 m for cooper up to 70000 m with fiber for network distance and feature bus speed of 10/100/1000 Mbaud. Module has two RJ-45 and optional SFP plug connectors for copper/fiber connections.

Product Specification

Brand GE Fanuc
Catalog Number IC695PNC001
Communication Port (2) RJ-45 and (2) SFP Cages (Not included), (1) MAC Address
Connection (2) RJ45
Internal Power Used 3.3 Volt: 0.5 Amp With No SFP Devices Installed 1.2 Amp Maximum (2 SFP Devices Installed, 0.35 Amp Per SFP Device) 5 Volt: 1.5 Amp Maximum
Item PROFINET Controller Module
Memory 128 KB