An Update for Our Customers Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To: Our Valued Customers
From: Marty Burbridge, CEO
Re: An update for our customers regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Date: 3.13.2020

At Crescent Electric Supply Company, the health, safety and security of our employees and customers is our number one priority. We also recognize that our supply chain and delivery of electrical products and solutions keeps you productive and profitable.

As we’ve continued to monitor the changes with regard to COVID-19, we want to address the obvious and practical impact it has to our people, our customers, and our business.

We are closely monitoring the situation, and we are taking proactive and preventative steps to keep our people safe, yet continue to provide best-in-class service and supplies to our customers.

Employee Support
To help prevent the spread of illness, we’re encouraging those who are symptomatic to stay home. We’ve limited our in- person interactions with customers, vendors and each other by implementing travel restrictions and providing the resources necessary to conduct meetings virtually. We’ve also taken the precautionary step to cancel upcoming events hosted by Crescent.

Branch Cleanliness and Safety
We’ve provided our branches with a cleaning checklist as well as the critical disinfectants and protective equipment for both our employees and customers. We are working diligently and creatively to locate, secure and deploy the cleaning products required to protect our employees and customers.

Supply Chain and Inventory
We have completed a comprehensive review of our inventory position. Over 85% of our supply is manufactured in the United States. Additionally, we’ve analyzed over 12,000 SKU’s that could be potentially impacted, and we are pleased to report that our inventory positions as a whole remain healthy and well-stocked above our target days’ time supply of 100 days.

Supreme Customer Service
We’ve always been proud to provide multiple buying channels and supreme service to our customers, and this is no exception.

We continue to remain vigilant in monitoring the ever-evolving situation with COVID-19. We remain proactive and agile so that we can keep our people safe, healthy and continue to serve our customers. We will continue to keep our employees and customers well-informed, and in a timely manner. Please check for ongoing updates.


Marty Burbridge