Crescent Electric Salesperson Marks 48 Years

Maria Ruiz finds success through continuous learning and diligence

EAST DUBUQUE, Illinois September 9th, 2014 — "Hello, this is Maria. How may I help you?" And the magic begins.

For 48 years, Maria Ruiz, an inside salesperson at Crescent Electric's branch in Elk Grove Village, Il., has quietly become one of the company's sales stalwarts.

"It's more than just opening up a catalog. It comes from customers asking me questions," she said. "Every time I open up an email or pick up the phone, it's an opportunity to learn something new." In turn, her new found knowledge becomes an asset to her customers.

Industry knowledge sets Maria apart, according to Monika Brovkin, purchasing manager for ARPAC, a manufacturer of machinery packaging in Schiller Park, Il. "I do not call Maria my supplier, salesperson, or representative. I call her my sister," Brovkin said. "She treats me like her family and goes above and beyond to support our business operations."

Maria's success over the years has come in large part from her natural ability to engage her customers, big or small, and determine how Crescent can help each succeed.

"Her extensive knowledge of the industry has helped us save time and money on many occasions," Brovkin said. "Multiple times I've wondered: how is it possible that one person knows and remembers so much?"

Not one to draw attention to herself, Maria's diligence has resulted in gold status for Crescent from ARPAC. Maria herself has earned several awards from ARPAC for her customer service and the value she brings to the company.

"Maria is an extraordinary professional and Crescent is fortunate to have her on board," Brovkin said.

Inside Crescent, Maria has been a member of the Pinnacle Club, an exclusive group of the company's top performers, since it began in 2007. Her passionate approach to work has left a lasting impression on those around her. Dick Schmid, senior vice president for Crescent, has known Maria for the nearly 50 years she has been with the company.

"I can't say how things work with today's technology, however, it was not unusual for a customer to be willing to wait on hold for fifteen to twenty minutes specifically to speak with Maria," Schmid said. "She inspires a level of customer loyalty I've simply never seen with anyone else. Customers know that when they have a commitment from Maria as to when product will be delivered, they can simply move on to their next task with complete confidence because she committed to it."

Maria exceeds customer expectations and reaffirms their confidence in Crescent every day.

"She has been a top performer, year in and year out," said Joe McDermott, Crescent's Chicago district manager, "and an extremely loyal member of our sales team."

And Maria has no plans to stop.

"I put an effort in every time I come to work," she said. "As long as the health is there and I continue to enjoy what I'm doing, I'm going to continue to work."

About Crescent Electric Supply Company

Crescent Electric Supply Company is one of the largest electrical supply distributors in the U.S. The family-owned business has served contractors, institutional, and industrial customers with a broad line of electrical, industrial, and data communication products from 130+ branch locations in 26 states for over a century. In addition to the Crescent Electric brand, customers are served by BA Supply in Missouri, Interstate Electric Supply in Idaho, Mesco Electrical Supply in Ohio, Womack Electric Supply in Virginia and North Carolina, Stoneway Electric Supply in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and National Electric Supply in New Mexico. The Company received the Best of the Best Overall Distributor Marketing Award for 2018 from the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED).

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