Crescent Electric—Commitment to Sustainability

Crescent Electric Supply Company’s commitment to sustainability focuses equally on the environmental, social and economic impacts of our business practices.

As a family-owned company that has been in operation for nearly a century, sustainability to us is more than just good public relations. We believe that sustainability is essential to the future growth and success of our company and to the well being of our families and the many communities that we call home.

Sustainability involves acting as a good corporate citizen by reducing any current or anticipated negative effects from daily business operations. Crescent Electric’s commitment to sustainability begins with the well known phrase, “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Our sustainable practices include:

  • Reducing waste by recycling paper, metal and other materials on a daily basis
  • Conserving energy through such common sense practices as maximizing the use of daylight in warehouses
  • Reducing water consumption with high-efficiency fixtures in our buildings
  • Deploying fuel-efficient vehicles for transportation

Crescent Electric provides solutions that enable our customers to reduce costs and improve efficiency. We also assist suppliers in fostering environmental accountability within the supply chain. As Crescent Electric embraces these environmentally friendly practices, we are also taking steps to join the Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Leaders Program, a partnership between companies and the EPA, which works to develop strategies to address the threat of global climate change.

Crescent Electric has made a priority of looking at our operations through the lens of sustainability—from the products we distribute every day to the long-term consequences of our strategic decisions. And as our company and our industry embrace sustainability, we also recognize the bottom-line benefits of sustainable products and practices. We believe that in the long run, sustainability adds value for customers, employees and stockholders. Sustainability is not a destination, but a journey.